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Will or the utilisation of willpower involves the ability to consciously decide what you will do and when, to resist temptation, and to put off a reward until later. Our ability to do this as humans is actually one of our greatest strengths and something that is immensely important when one stands in front of making a change in ones life. In the same way as it is our greatest strength it can also be one of our greatest weaknesses when we lost our control over it.


The idea to this brand came to us one day when we realized that if we want to make something with our lives we need to take more action and make more conscious choices. We figured out that we needed something that could remind us of this, something that we could carry with us every day that reminded us of the importance of making choices. Something that prevented us from falling back into our daily habits and simply helped us become more active decision makers.

For the sake of solving this problem we developed our own bracelets together with our brand "Vilja of "Sweden". All of our bracelets carries 

the compass. The compass is a symbol for action taking and decision making. All of our bracelets are handcrafted in Sweden and are made with a mix of style, function and value, and of course they're made to be carried on all adventures that life has to offer. 



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